husband away, wife will....decorate!

So B went to Destin to play with the boys for a bachelor party. He left on Thursday and won't be back til Monday. There is a lot of trouble I could get into between then! For example, my newest thing is that I'm kind of sick of our living room. When we lived in Jacksonville the walls were painted a dark brown that matched the sofa and we had carpet. Everything seemed a litte cozier. Could be the fact that now the walls are a light beige, we have a light hardwood floor (yuck! I wanted the dark brown) and we have a massive vaulted ceiling in the living room.
(see exhibit A above)
It's not that I don't like the style, I think I'm just kind of over it and that it doesn't go well with our new space. And since we are living in a rental, I can't do much about the floor or the color of the walls. I think we need a coffee table. That way the ottoman can go back to his home and live in front of the love seat like he was meant to. So coffee table hunt is on! And now it looks like the pillows on the sofa have to be my victim. I don't really know what to do to give the room some life, but I think I need some bolder patterns and instead of 6 pillows that don't match, maybe get on that "matching pillow" train.

So here are some of my thoughts:
I like this, but I think it should be bolder pattern choices so the sofa doesn't get washed out with all the light colors.
I love the green, but this might be too much...
maybe not enough?

I'm worried I might use too much red!

Here are my colors, any ideas??

I think with all my "free, don't gotta husband to bug me" time I got this weekend I'll make a few trips to Target, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to see what I find...any suggestions welcome!


Caslon said...

Love the pallet. I would go with the second one. I don't think the green would be too much at all - I think it will liven it up. If there are too many you could alway do 1 red pillow in the middle and then have the black/white and green ones flank it. That would cut back 1 pillow...
Hope you are doing well!

savannah redtop said...

I like the second one!!!!!!!!! if you're going to use the green and red, just make sure that the red is a crimson red OR the green is chartruesy so it doesn't like too holiday!

the harrison family said...

i like the 2nd one're so creative. come decorate my house, PLEASE!

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