non stop!

(Amanda, Heather, Donna, and me!)

Sorry I've been m.i.a as usual! Since I last posted a lot of things have happened, let's review:
- went to Atlanta for a Couple's Kitchen shower for Emily. Had a great time! B got to play golf with the groom and I got to see some old friends I haven't seen since college. Poor Jackson got to spend a lot of time stuck in the car or in the garage.

- went home to Knoxville

- went BACK to Atlanta that Monday for a work meeting (in the rain!)

- went home to Knoxville that night (in the rain, boo!)

- went to Nashville for Steeplechase. Guess it had been raining for like 3 weeks prior to the event. Meaning the field was a mud pit. It was comical to see all these girls and guys in their pretty little dresses and searsucker suits covered in mud. I Spent the entire day in the mud on Saturday (see picture) and waiting for some drunk person to fall on their face. Then I had to stop thinking thoughts like that because I didn't want karma to get me and me fall in the mud. I didn't though, but I did see a poor little drunk girl fall on her butt then because she didn't have the reflexes to stop herself she tipped over in the mud onto her face. It was funny, but it was sad, but really it was funny.

- saw Jackson get his "male instincts" on....a couple times!!! There was a neighborhood dog named Cookie that came to play on Saturday night and they were in love...or maybe lust. At one point Cookie went upstairs, Jackson followed and then they came back 5 mins later! I don't wanna know what happened there! Someone should tell him, he doesn't have all his parts :)

- Came home late Sunday after spending some QT with Mox and Donna (my favorite people!) and dinner at was Donna's idea. I think she missed her home land! And come to find out the Bloomin Onion is not native to Australia! who knew?

-Trying to recove before we go to Chattanooga on Saturday for a wedding!

This is only the middle of our ridiculous, never having a weekend free, month...but I'm having fun! and I can't wait until the end of June when we'll have nothing to do, and we don't have to live out of suitcases!


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