B's Birthday!

Tomorrow is B's 28th birthday. He'll finally be joining me in this downward spiral called the "late twenties". And we actually have a few events planned. Of course there is our crazy major run tomorrow morning. That will probably last 1-2 hours. Then its off to the farmer's market and to get some breakfast. A quick house and car clean and then we're going to take our bikes and ride the greenway around the campus (this is a B birthday request). Following that it's off to Lakeview Tavern for a delicious meal on the water while the sun sets (hopefully it'll be setting and not hiding behind rain clouds like it has been all week!). And dessert at home while watching the Playoffs (a very B day)
Another treat for B, is his birthday cake. Now I made this yummy creation last year.....Key Lime Cake....but I actually forgot a few ingredients, so this year I was sure to follow the instructions. Here is what I was hoping mine would look like:
UNfortunately the icing isn't that thick, but the bundt cake looks perfect. Hope he like it! and I hope he shares!

Have a good weekend!



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