So how's the running thing going, you ask?

Wellllll its actually going well. Not only did I continue to run on my own (no pressure from the husband) while B was away a couple weekends ago, BUT I hit my mile goal last week (yea!!) it was hard, but I did it, so thats an accomplishment. Now only 12 more miles to conquer before next March! ha! And Monday was a good day too, because I didn't want to go. I had a looooong weekend and I wanted a day to recover. But B pushed and it was such a beautiful day....and, Oh yea, and he bribed my new kicks:

My Nike Structure Triax+ 12. Long name, but pretty nice shoes so far. The run on Monday went well...even though I had to kind of start from scratch since I had 4 days of not running to erase. But we have all week to continue without any interupptions and Saturday the plan is for a big run. B is going to complete 10+ miles, and I, well I will hopefully be able to run straigh for 1.25-1.5 miles by then and then run/walk the rest of the 5 mile loop we run on.

Today it looks like its going to rain, so it might be a treadmill day. yuck!

Hope all y'all are doing well on your fitness journeys this summer (seems like everyone doing some sort of thing to get healthier nowadays!)



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