I'm on a boat!

I got my flippy floppys....and we're getting a boat!
So our weekends will be filled with views like this:
and evenings like this:

B's dad has offered to give us one of his old boats b/c B's mom can't handle the bouncing and jarring it does on the Mississippi River in Memphis, so if we want it, it's ours. It's older, but supposedly the engine is newer and can get up to 60+ mph, on the water!
Originally we were going to wait until next year since we thought the season is almost over. But this weekend we went exploring in Knoxville and visited B's old ski team (water ski) site. And driving through and passing all the boats, rivers and lakes around town, we got the bug. Sooo, B's parents are going to drive it up next weekend to us! I can not wait! I love love love hanging out on a boat, riding through the water and watching sunsets on the lake. (And B's excited to get to ski again. Except, looks like I'm going to have to learn a lot about launching and driving the boat)
and....I have to get Jackson a life vest. He is a great swimmer, but usually he swims off of a shore, so I want to make sure he's covered before we throw him into the lake without anywhere to rest or get out. He's going to hate it! oh well! :)


the harrison family said...

that's awesome....so excited for you guys!

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