long lost friends...

Maybe its my 10 year high school reunion thats at the end of August, or the fact that we're back in Tennessee close to everyone, but I have really missed all my friends from high school. Not just my friends that were in my classes, but the girls...ya know, the girls...the ones that I'd sleepover with on Friday nights, the girls that I went to youth group with, the girls that we'd play "never did I ever" (and PS I never did anything!), the girls who'd I'd get together with and smoke swisher sweets because we thought it was cool, the girls who were my best friends before I headed out into the big bad world.

There were 4 of us. Me, Becky, Sara and Erica. And I have been a bad friend because college and then real grown up life has gotten in the way and I havent kept up with everyone. BUT thanks to facebook I have kept tabs on most...Erica is all married and grown up with an adorable lil boy and a handsome husband to boot and lives in Arkansas. Sara is happily married to a wonderful guy and just welcomed a new angel into the world (Ella, such a pretty name) and hopefully I'll get to see her next weekend on a trip to Chattanooga.

But I could never find Becky. Not that I was trying hard, because I really wasn't (being the bad friend that I am) . But still, Becky was like my sister from another mother. She was Bert, I was Ernie. She was Betty, and I Veronica. She was my BFF and after she got married, poof! we both disappeared from each others lives...well then last week...
Becky joined "the facebook".

And our friendship has no excuse not to carry on. I just got off the phone with her and it's really good to know 4 years can go by and you still have a best friend. I'm really glad to know that. And I feel that its the same with the other girls too. Our lives will always change and we'll always move away, but we can still think back to those crazy years in high school when we could all fit in a queen bed together and giggle ourselves to sleep. :)


Caslon said...

Oh wow! This totally made me cry... now I am full of hormones at the moment but still - a walk down memory lane! I miss everyone too! We should start are own group on facebook, and have our own reunion. :)

When we were cleaning out our guest room to make it Ella's room I found the card you gave me on my birthday that was my name cut out of poster board and you wrote a message on the letters. It was the neatest thing to read it and it brought back so many memories. I'm looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

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