Someone's NOT happy!

Ok, so we just got Jackson's life jacket in the mail this afternoon. Perfect timing since the boat and B's parents are arriving Saturday! And with no rain in the forecast, looks like we'll be on the water before we know it! Anyways, back to Jackson. He is not happy. The look on his face was priceless after I put it on him. And the best part, he didn't move. I tried to get him to walk around in it, but no. He just stared at me, like "If you don't get this thing off of me asap, I will smother you in your sleep tonight"...and all I could do was giggle at him. Poor guy, I guess he doesn't realize that its a good thing, and means he'll be able to swim his little heart out soon....we'll see how it works in the water!

Here's a pic of a dog in the jacket, looking oh so happy to be in it!:

And then there's Jackson....wondering what and the heck his mom just put on him and wishing he was bigger so he could fight me off!:

No really...take it off!

Take it off now, or else!


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