Road Trip!

So B and I are going on another round the world adventure...and when I mean an adventure I mean we're driving straight down the interstate for 6 hours to Memphis for probably a less than 24 hour visit...Let me explain: B's company is based in Memphis, Millington to be exact. And this weekend is their company Christmas Dinner/Party. I'm excited to see everyone again and to get to eat at Texas de Brazil in downtown Memphis on Saturday night. What I am not excited about is driving, AGAIN, to Memphis on Saturday morning and then turning around and coming back Sunday morning/afternoon...We've decided to leave Saturday morning because B has been non stop this week with work. I've pretty much only seen him maybe 3 total hours the entire week. He's been leaving for work at 7ish (when I'm asleep) working until 1-3 a.m. (when I'm asleep) every night. And he's gotta work a little longer today too, to hopefully finish all this crazy work! Since I'm the driver I voted to just wake up early and head out...we'll see how it pans out.

I love driving and love road trips, but lately I feel as though I'm over it. Could be the fact that every time we get about 50-75 miles outside of Nashville we get stuck in some kind of traffic jam. Last week, no lie, we were sitting on the interstate for over an hour. Sitting. Just sitting in our it was parked...on the interstate. Some people in front of us got out for a smoke break...other got out to stretch their legs...but we just sat. That is until we (and I mean B) had enough and made me turn around and we GPS'd our way through some backwoods country to get around it...which in the end didn't really save us any time, since we got back on the interstate and saw trucks we were sitting next to earlier, but at least it made us feel better b/c we were moving.

Anyhow, that's they plan for this weekend. Thankfully its one of our last trips for awhile (besides Christmas)...we've pretty much told all of our friends that we're not moving for awhile, and if they want to see us, they'll have to make the trip! Not us! ha!

Here's hoping you have a great weekend!

PS- I took Jackson to the vet yesterday and was completely embarrassed and cracking up...He had to get his shots for the year plus the dreaded "poop" test and heart worm test. Well the vet did the "poop" test first and I swear to you, Jackson looked like a cartoon. His 4 legs stretched out like he was on ice, his claws were clinging to the steel table and the yelps he made could probably be heard a mile down the street...he then proceeded to try to wiggle his way off the table all the while peeing in fear. Well the vet showed some sympathy ( I mean they stuck something up his booty for crying out loud!) That is until he did this same routine for all of his 4 shots + getting his blood drawn!!! By the time they were done, the vet and the tech were making fun of him. The tech even said "We have 3 lb Chihuahuas that handle this stuff better"...the funniest part was that Jackson hid under the chairs in the room while the tech was in the room when we waited for the test soon as she left he would come out...So looks like we've raised a baby.


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