My 30 at 30 List

Ok, so TODAY is my 30th birthday. Like I am now literally 30 years old. I am still shocked by this turn of events! When did this happen? And how was I not warned? Actually I was, I have just been stuck in denial the past year. And because of that denial I never made a '30 to do in 30' list. You know the list of things to accomplish before you turn 30. Jeez, I'm already too old to even remember to make a list! Not to fret though, I'm breaking the rules and making a new list. I call it "My 30 @ 30 list"!
Thirty things that I want to accomplish my first year of my thirties. Because I'm not getting any younger! Hopefully some will be easy to accomplish (like voting and reading), but I know some will be tough (losing weight, learning new things, etc.). I'll update the list as I accomplish them and hopefully by next year, as we add one more candle to the cake (and yes, when 31 happens, there will be cake!), I can have them all completed! Wish me luck!

1. Find a church home and become an active member
2. Read the entire Bible
3. Read two faith-related books a year
4. Pay the toll/bill/tip for someone behind me
5. Send a handwritten note to someone once a month
6. Offer my expertise in some substantial way and receive nothing {monetary} in return
7. Switch to using only reusable bags at the grocery store
8. Find out my type and give Blood
9. Vote in all elections for which I am eligible
10. Work on a Habitat build or some sort of mission project
11. Read the top 10 classic novels (I'm assuming twilight doesn't count!)
12. Read all of Emily Post's Etiquette
13. Finish Rosetta Stone Italian discs and have a conversation in Italian
14. Learn calligraphy
15. Visit an art museum I’ve never been to
16. Save up for and buy Frye boots
17. Zip line through the Smoky Mountains (terrified!)
18. Hike Mt. LeConte
19. Run a 5k, 10k, ½ marathon or all!
20. Don't eat a single fried chicken breast/nugget/tender for a year
21. Yoga/Pilates every morning for a month
22. Go camping with friends
23. Lose at least 20 pounds
24. Take a spur of the moment road trip to a new destination
25. Get up at the same time every day for thirty days in a row
26. Eat ten dishes/foods I've never tried before
27. Pick fruit at a farm and make jam!
28. Dye my hair
29. Paint a painting for the living room
30. Print all photos I have stored on my computer and put them in albums.

And one to grow on....
31. Have an adorable family photo taken and framed


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!! I will be 30 in September....thanks for helping me remember that I need to start a "list". I may steal a few ideas :)

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