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Have you ever heard of Kelly Wearstler? You haven't? Well you're missing out. I first saw her as a judge on a Bravo's show Top Design. She was a bit quirky in her design and fashion, but I love it. She is someone who is 'no holds bar', with 'no apologies' for her design skills and ideas, and I respect that a lot. Its someone who I'm constantly striving to be in my own design life.
Anyways I just got some of her books: Hue and Modern Glamour to have in our 'library' at home and once again I'm in love. But the most amazing thing that I've found is her blog My Vibe My Life. My favorite part shows her studio and process. She has a room full of trays. Each tray collects the inspiration for that project. You can see in the picture how big of a space and how many trays there are.

And here's what she says about them :
"My creative process is about experimentation, taking risks and having a free spirit. I approach each project with the intent to make it beautiful and give it soul. I have trays for each project where I gather vibe inspiration like materials from my library, new elements of beauty – anything that catches my eye. Each tray represents a space in a project. They are constantly evolving and keep me organized. The trays become little collections of each project."
And whats in those trays are mini masterpieces of goodness:

I'm thinking of taking this approach in my own studio. No room for trays, but maybe some square's of cork on a wall might do the trick!

{images found My Vibe My Life }


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I'm not going to make any apologies for my wasp nest boutonniere either:)

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