Rewind & Rewed - The Color Palette

Part one of my Rewind & Rewed series - the color palette. When I was engaged in 2005, I worked at a retail store who's colors were bright pink and orange. Maybe that was the way the idea got in my head for my wedding colors, but I like to think it wasn't and that it was this picture I found in one of my first wedding magazines ( I still have this in an inspiration binder!). I remember seeing this picture and a light bulb popping on over my head. This is it. I wanted a 'sherbet orange with a purple-ish pink'. The one thing I love about it is that the colors were just so lively.
Fast forward to 2011. I'm no longer surrounded by pink and orange in my work space (thank goodness!). I have definitely changed my color and design aesthetic in the past 6 years. I obviously love green, but I'm also digging a subtle teal blue color with a silver or mercury glass accent. I found this image as an inspiration. While the husband and I are not canoe people my any means, we do love the lake and my most relaxing and fond memories are at dusk on a boat in a lake somewhere. So there you go, the new inspiration is a lake wedding. And I think the new colors fit perfectly.
{image found from Oh Darling Photography }
Next week I'll tackle the dress!


Mary Louis Quinn said...

I already do all those things!! :) Well, I didn't "follow" until now, but I've had your blog listed on my side bar for a long time now. What a fun giveaway!

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