FashionABLE Giveaway!

So I am a part of the clever team of gals that make up Folio-Love. Folio-Love is a portfolio building event for photographers that will be held in Knoxville in September. It will be full of swanky and chic styled sets with great speakers to help any photographer gain confidence, new direction or just a spark of creativity for their portfolio.
To get the ball rolling some of our sponsors have been giving away some amazing items. Today on the Folio-Love blog is a giveaway from FashionABLE, a fabulous organization that helps create, provide and sustain jobs for women in Africa. Such a worthy group thats truly empowering women! They're giving away one of their amazing scarfs, so be sure to visit here to sign up! (you don't even have to be a photographer!)
And be sure to check back all week as we countdown til the July 6th registration, as we'll have tons of downloadable freebies (designed by moi!) on the site!



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