2011 Fall Wish List!

Fall is here and it is quite possibly my most favorite time of the year! The cooler weather, the football and pumpkin spice in the air. Not to mention yours truly grows one year older later this month! So with that in mind I started perusing the internet and Pinterest to pick out a few of my favorite things to add to my fall wish list!
1. School boy Blazer in Navy by J.Crew, 2. All Hail the Queen Polish by Butter of London, 3. Button Up Ginham Top in Green by Anthropologie, 4. Classic Jenna Bracelet by J.Crew, 5. Acne Camel Wool Scarf by You He She, 6. Reva Tumbled Leather by Tory Burch


Sarah said...

Love it!!

Shannon Darrough said...

This is fabulous ... I love that you post the whole identity collection!

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