Our first Bridal Show Experience...

We attended our very first super fancy bridal show a couple weeks ago, and while I've been to several as a bride or attendee, but I've never been the only vendor marketing to potential brides! So the pressure was on! (Self inflicted, but pressure non the less!). I originally had elaborate plans for huge walls with magnetic paint, but as I was telling my husband this and seeing his eyes get big with dread and doubt (he is the residential handy man around these parts) I knew my plan of attack would have to be a little different. Lo and behold on a trip home for the holidays my father-in-law said he had some aluminum framing and such for trade shows his company had done previously and I was more than welcome to take them. And voila we had walls! I had to buy fabric and a banner and thank the good Lord that he created velcro to keep everything adhered to the frames, but we had a perfect booth. I had a plan in mind to show the brides how to 'brand' their wedding. Simply meaning to keep a consistent design and style throughout with details! My plan was to use 4 designs I have previously done, display on the walls and then create a mini table scape. 

Here's my sketch:
And here's how everything turned out! 
 Here's a close up of each design:
 I definitely think for 'paper' companies I set myself apart. Most display every invitation they've ever done. Which I guess is good, but I'm more focused on quality vs. quantity. I got great 'reviews' from the brides and vendors and I had a lot of fun. Even my feet didn't hate me too much at the end!

PS - The ONLY issue I had was that brides (or their relatives) kept stealing my fan programs from the display! I eventually clipped on a sign that said 'Display only, please do not take, thank you!' and guess what? Someone snagged that one too, with the 'do not take' sign on it! I mean seriously? Thankfully before they were all taken I tied the rest to the basket with ribbon!


Sarah said...

Looks great!!

Sarah C said...

Love everything about it! Especially the polka dots :)

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