come back another day!

It's raining. Again. Definitely never really noticed the whole "April showers bring May flowers" phenomenon until now. But these better be some awesome flowers come May!

Anyways with rain on the brain, I was thinking maybe I should invest in some wellies! (that's rain boots for the layman) After a quick search online here are my top 4. The Jimmy Choo Hunter Wellies are just funny to me. Maybe because I think Jimmy Choo and I think Carrie Bradshaw and I know Carrie wouldn't be walking around New York City in those. And the price tag is a little hefty for rain boots ( 250 british pounds).
The others I really like. Especially the yellow ones. I mean if you're stuck in the rain, might as well have a bright outlook....especially on your feet!
Hope you're having a good Tuesday!


LyndsAU said...

hey girl!! i looove those jimmy choos :)

we just stayed at a hotel down there but there are some nice hotels on the beach for a reasonable price. The Holiday Inn is nice. Check that out!

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