B and I were having a discussion (argument, tantrum or whatever you want to call it) last night about vacation. Now for some reason this year we have an abundant amount of mini trips. Trips to weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers, visit family, visit friends, etc. In fact if you look at our calender for the month of May you can't even see the dates because of all the pen and pencil markings of the events we're going to. We are booked. Solid.

So naturally I want to have a "relaxing" beach vacation at the end of the summer season, to unwind and destress. We had a 10 day long beach vacation last year that was to die for! It was perfect! And I don't even need 10 days. Just some time for my toes to get all comfy in the sand, and for me to catch up on my smut, and a tan wouldn't hurt either.

But B, well, we have determined is against vacations. I think he might be on vacation overload (since we're having to pay a lot of $ for our travels) but non the less I don't think its going to happen this year. It is especially painful now. Now that we no longer live a hop skip and a jump away from a beach. (not an anything special beach, but A BEACH none the less!) In Jacksonville we were a 20 minute, windows open through the palm trees drive away from a semi-deserted beach. Now, we're like 6-8 hours. Hmmm, Maybe I didn't think this move thing through!

Anyways I was thinking what would my top 4 vacation spots be (some I've been to and most I haven't). And surprising enough, they are not ALL beaches:
1. Italy. Especially the Tuscany region. Always has been, always will be. I even know the perfect Tuscan villa I want to stay at.
2. Greece. Something about the bright blue water and white buildings makes me happy.
3. Seaside, Florida. I have been making visits to this area (Seagrove Beach is the best place to stay) since the beginning of college, and I want it to be a tradition to visit every year. ha!
4. Maui, HI, I went once when I was a freshman in high school with my grand parents and aunt. Sadly all I really remember is the purple Seabring convertibles that all the honeymooners were driving. But I definitely want to make a return trip!

- e.n.h.

PS- I would like to formally apologize, B has taken offense to my hatred of the tv wall. He claims that the picture isn't what it really looks like. For the record, it wasn't some sort of carnival mirror camera. It came out how it is and although I apologize for publicly making fun and hating it, BUT I still don't like it.


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