Home Sweet Home

Ok, so I've been meaning to post pics of our new place for about a month now (ever since we moved in). And to be honest its still not how I want it to be, but its clean and good enough for now. Here is the front of the house. Big shout out to Jackson who decided to model for the shoot:Here is the entry way. The living room is to the left. Soooo excited that all the jackets that are hanging up are on their way out because of spring/summer coming!:Living Room. We had to buy a rug because of all the hard woods. We are still using the large chair ottoman as a coffee table in front of the sofa. We had been shopping for a coffee table/end table set, but got side tracked when we found our bedroom set. So, we'll have to resume that search soon because the chair and ottoman is perfect to snuggle in and I think together it filles up the room a little better.

The Tv Wall. I hate it. Manly because the wall is so large and the tv is dwarfed by it. Also we need an entertainment center. I think when we get our new big tv (in June maybe!) we'll get all the fixins to go with it:

Here is a view of our stone ventless fireplace. It makes a great conversation starter...Usually when someone firsts walks in they're like "wow! I bet thats awesome" and then we explain that we've only used it once, and that was just to see if it worked. But I like it still. It seperates the space a lot, but still keeps it all open. AND I can't wait to hang Christmas stockings and garland on it for Christmas!:

Better view of the chair and fireplace:

The dining area:

View of the kitchen. I like it, its very large and has a lot of storage.
Back side of the kitchen:
View from in the kitchen:
The office space. B and I split half of the upstairs bonus room. I get the cool half of course:
I plan on showing and taking pics of the two bedrooms and bathrooms soon! Stay tuned!


Bradford said...

So awesome!! Can't wait to make a visit!

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