So, no posts this week. Sorry about that. Menu Monday turned into Menu Tuesday turned into a strange week of being really busy all the time! Anyways so next week we can start all over! Today I'm getting ready to head to Nashville for the weekend! I'm so excited for a couple reasons:
A. We get to visit with some amazing great friends (most live there but we have a few coming in from Memphis and Charleston)! Did I hear someome say Saturday night BBQ, beer and cornhole? I'm in!
B. I love Nashville. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures, some good shopping in, and it will let me scout out things to do/eat/stay for a Girls Weekend I'm getting together at the end of May.
and C. I get to get up at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow to watch some of our guy friends (not my guy) run in the Country Music Marathon. Not really excited about the getting up that early part. The only good thing is the friends we are shacking up with live in an awesome downtown neighborhood with all renovated homes that is maybe a mile or so from the race start/finish. And at least I'm not the only one, and we'll get to listen to some good music while we're watching and hang out with some buddies!

So for Friday's goodie, I wanted to talk about Blumebox. I just ordered 6 of these in different sizes and colors for a kitchen shower I'm throwing next weekend. And they came in 3 days and I adore them! I seriously think they are the best things ever. They are made of card board or some recylclable material. They come flat and all you do is pop them together, add utensils or flowers or whatever and voila! Instant cost effecient decoration! This picture shows one with ribbon added and flowers. I think I might try to spruce up the ones I got with a label or something, but we'll see. They come in every size and color you could want and they aren't that expensive at all! I'll be sure to post the whole run down of the shower after!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Melanie Watson said...

Sounds like fun! I'm jealous! ;) I hope you have a safe trip and get some Nashville lovin' in for me. :)

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