better late than never!

Ok, so maybe I should scrap the whole "Menu Monday" thing. it hasn't really worked out for me so far and I've been so busy with work, house and trips so far that I haven't really been a good blogger either...please forgive me! But today is another day! So lets start over and let me redeem myself!

Ok, menu for the week:
Monday - Grilled chicken with red and green peppers + bbq sauce + cous cous
Tuesday - Turkey Burgers + Baked French Fries
Wednesday - out to dinner! We're going to a show at the Tennesse theater (Stomp) so we're going to do dinner down at Market Square. I'm thinking of going to this place called the Tomato Head. Its always packed and supposedly has really good pizza!
Thursday - I want to make some sort of shrimp and pasta ensemble but I haven't found a good recipe yet.
Friday - who knows!

And here's something I found while I was consolidating my files yesterday. One of my ensembles I did last year. I really really like the yellow and black together! Which made me wonder what colors I would do for my wedding if I could do it all over again....originally I did a purple-ish fushia with a sherbert orange. It was perfect for our June wedding, and I always like to be bright. But I think it I could do it all over I might lean toward a lime green. Maybe a lime green and a pool blue?

Anyways yesterday B tricked me into saying yes to train for a half marathon. The back story - this weekend we went to Nashville for the Country Music Marathon to watch some of our good friends run. B didn't run because he didn't train so it was B and the girls watching...and walking! I swear we walked at least a half half marathon. But back to the story. So B was sad when it was over because he is a runner. He is a guy that can pick up and run 5+ miles on any day without any training or prep. (Me not so much). And he was a really good runner in high school. So he kind of felt left out a bit! He decided that he's going to run the half next year. And before the Nashville one there is a Knoxville one. So I was all "yea, that sounds like fun, I'll run the 5k while you do the half" and somehow he got me into saying that I'd not only run the half in Knoxville but that I would do it in Nashville next year too. Hmmm...we'll see about this. I think I could do it, I just have to get into the routine for running everyday! So, guess where we're off to this afternoon! First training day. Pretty sure it will be B running past me a lot while I struggle with a run/walk. Wish me luck!

PS. here's the two of us watching all the runners from a bridge:



Melanie Watson said...

Hooray! What half are you planning on doing? Its been a year since we all did our first 5k together... not the one where we got poo'd on. Anyhow... I hope you guys had a great time in Nashville. Brad's sister was running in the CMM it was her 3rd year. One year I'll eventually get there too. :)

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