So last night B and I went to see Stomp at the Tennessee Theater. And not only was the night wonderful but the show was awesome! We started out the evening going to Market Square to get some grub, but my idea to go to the Tomato Head kind of fell through when we got there (at 6!) and it was packed. Not only was Tomato Head packed but almost every restaurant on the Square was full of people. So we decided to go to a new place called Trio. It was really really nice. Very casual atmosphere but with higher end type food. I had a cajun shrimp pasta and B had a meatload or something. But the food was so good. Very homecooked and not that expensive at all.

After that we made our way to the theater around the corner. We havent been to the Tennessee Theater yet and were making an effort to mark it off our Knoxville "to do's". The place it self was amazing. It was so grand and ornate. I think they just had a remodel or something, but everything was spotless and beautiful. I guess I was thinking since it was a smaller theater it was going to be a little rinky dink. But it was not. You can take a virtual tour here.

Anyways so we got there perfectly on time and then the show starts. I had so much fun watching and listening to all the beats. I have seen the show a couple years ago, but they've changed it since then. Added some new materials to play with (who knew a box of matches could be a musical insrument!) and there was a lot of humor in the show. The best part of the night was when the show was over and everyone was still cheering the main guy came out for an encore with some of the other performers and somehow they got the audience clapping to 3 different ryhtyms (on purpose of course). It was silent except everyone clapping and it made such a great beat!! Needless to say everyone was stomping and clapping as we were walking back to the car. We even stopped for some Marble Slab for some ice cream and people were clapping and stomping in there too! All in all is a was a great date night and was a perfect way to break up the week!

PS- I ran/walked on Tuesday, and Wednesday I was so sore! Even my knees were sore, which never happens. We went to a park close to the UT campus and it was a beautiful day, but there were A LOT of hills to get through. So we're doing the gym tonight and running again tomorrow, hopefully it will get easier!


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