Oh no she di-int!

Ok, so I'm working on this whole running thing, right. Well yesterday was a true test. I had the worst headache ever when it was time to go to the gym ( by order of my hyper active husband who loves the gym as much as I like , say Target). Surprisngly enough I managed to make it there without any complaints. Just get it over with was my mantra. Well normally I do a little tanning ( its one of those 2 birds one stone facilities) and then get to working out. Well today since we got in earlier than usual, the tanning facilities were all taken. Which is no fun when you plan on getting a little "tanning nap" before you have to workout and then you just have to work out instead. Ok fine. I'll just run on the treadmill. Treadmill I say, not elliptical. The actual treadmill! Good for me I thought! When I got to the line of treadmills only one other person was on one. I picked the middle one, not close to anyone, good lighting, view of the tv and perfect people watching spot. So I'm off, running (and some walking) my little heart out. Then two girls come over and get on the equipment to my right. So its me, and these two girls. Now I have my headphones on blaring some good tunes AND the entire gym is blaring some crazy gym music too. This did not interfere with my friends on the right from practically screaming at each other about their day. "I ate this....I can't believe she did that...when is he...etc". Kind of annoying but not that big of a deal.....yet. Then the girl on the far right gets off her treadmill and gets on the one to my left. Thus making an Erin treadmill sandwich. But the yelling converstation does not stop. I am in the middle of them as they continue to scream their days story back and forth. THEN the girl on my right decides that whatever the girl on my left just said wasn't true and called (with her cellphone) someone else to discuss, then yells back to the other girl that so and so says shes wrong. So here I am just trying to be a good little worker outer, stuck in between a yelling converstation between two loud ass girls AND their cell phone buddy. Anyways long story short I cut my run/walk 2 mins short thinking 2 mins might not keep off any pounds but my ears and sanity would thank me. I couldn't handle it! And no lie, when I was walking down the stairs to the BOTTOM floor of the gym I could still hear them! wth!

Running again tonight in the park with B and Jackson. Hopefully it won't rain on us!
Then tomorrow its off to the ATL for my friend Emily's Couples Kitchen shower I'm helping to throw. I'll post pics of the decor when we get back!
Happy Weekend!


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