Girl's Weekend!

So I'm throwing a girl's weekend for one of my best friends this weekend. Emily is getting hitched in New Orleans in 2 weeks and I can't wait for that wedding! So this weekend I will be joined by 13 awesome girls and crammed into two hotel rooms (Don't worry one is a suite, but we'll definitely be a lil smushed)! It's sure to be a great time because we'll be in Nashville, one of my favorite cities!

For favors for the girls I ordered cowboy hats (which are actually more like country straw hats, oh well!), and stuffed them with goodies for the weekend:
A Personalized Cup
Candy - chocolate + candy necklaces + ring pops!
Water Bottles
Lip Smackers
Pack of Gum
Tylenol (for the day after!)
Here are pics of how they came out along with the itenerary I made to match:

I can't wait! I'm headed there tonight to stay with another great friend and to get ready for this weekends shinanigans!

Happy weekend everyone!



Nolan Bobbitt said...

you are SO stinkin' creative!

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