The best part...

The best part about going on a long trip and then jumping right back into work without getting a jump on cleaning and laundry? When your husband runs out of boxers and has to wear your soffe shorts to work....I told him to flip the waist band over and do a lil cheer for me, but he wasn't amused. but it was hilarious!!!

Going on our last away trip this summer...can I get a collective "Yeaaa!!!". We're off to Memphis tonight to go to a baby shower tomorrow afternoon for one of B's (actually they are our) best friends. Joe and Ashley. Joe was B's best man and they still talk almost everyweek. It's cute! and Ashley has been there with us since B and I started dating way back when, she even did a lil video dj-ing at our rehearsal and wedding.

Anyways Ashley has about a month left before lil Tyler Harrison joins the crowd. Can't wait! I best he's going to be so cute. Looking forward to the shower and spending time with the dad for father's day. (even though I got to see the rents last week)

And then we're done! No more trips until August! and we have the added bonus of the Watson's coming to visit for the 4th! So excited about that!

Have a good and safe weekend!


the harrison family said...

haha...i'm dying laughing at the thought of bobby having to wear your shorts! CLASSIC!

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