The Wedding!

So B and I went to New Orleans on Thursday morning last week for my best friend Emily's wedding. Emily got hitched to Jason and he is one of my (and B's) favorite people, so I'm so glad that they are officially hitched and together. It was by far the best wedding I've been to in a long while, the best food I've had on a vacation, and the hottest I've been since I lived in Memphis! Emily was an absolutely beautiful bride, and everything (though a lil stressful in the background) turned out perfect. Right now Emily and Jason have their surgery masks on and are enjoying the beach in Mexico! Very jealous!
Here are some pics from the lovely Megan, who was the wedding paparazzi, but I'm glad she was relentless with the camera, she got some good pics! (Oh, and she's 8th months pregnant and gorgeous!)

Megan, me, Kim, Misty, Caroline, Emi J, Julia, Amy and Kati
at the wedding shop, when she put on the dress. She bought the dress then customized it. Lowered the back, added lace straps, and a sweetheart neckline.
arriving at the church!
Time to get this show on the road! She was very NOT nervous just anxious, which was great, b/c we didn't have to drug her like we initially thought we might! ha!
Emily and Jason, the married couple, on the shuttle to the reception. Right after this he showed us a "countdown" he had on his figure it out :)
We did a second line into the reception. It's an old New Orleans tradition. They used to do a second line in funeral processions to celebrate the life and death of that person. Now it's used for all celebrations. Bride and Groom had custom umbrellas and all the bridal party had hankies we were waving, all the while dancing and grooving to the band play "when the saints go marching in"....a very N'awlins thing to do!
Bride and Groom's first dance to "Someone like you"!
The happy couple! The gang!
me, Kim, Emi J and Megan.
The bride and groom high taled it out of the reception in a carriage, I did the signage on the back for them.

PS- I pitched a good effort to make the groom leave to go home early on on Friday night (by order of the bride) I tried as hard as I could, but instead ended up staying out til 4 a.m. that night and leaving the groom there in frustration. Luckily for me, he made it home safely, right after :)


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