Birthday Weekend

I know this is Wednesday, but I still wanted to post about the weekend. It was great. It was B's 28th birthday and we had such a great weekend at home (something we haven't gotten the chance to do since we've move to Knoxville really). Friday we ran in the park then went home got ready and went to our new favorite Mexican joint for some yummy food and big ole Margaritas! So big we didn't finish (or at least I didn't) all of them.

Saturday morning we woke up early to beat the heat and headed to the park. B ran 10 something miles while I ran/walked 5. Oh and Jackson ran too! After that we headed to grab some lunch and took it to another park nearby and had a lil picnic. Then of course we went home and took a nap! I took B to a nice dinner on the UT strip and then we went to see the Terminator movie (it was his birthday so I had to go! but it turned out pretty good). When we got home it was Key Lime cake time (you can see that mine didn't turn out exactly like the one I posted the other day, but it was still very very yummy!)

Sunday we slept in a bit and then spent the rest of the morning cleaning like crazy! (My MIL is on her way right now to come puppy sit so I had to make sure we had everything in tip top shape!). Somehow that afternoon I got talked into a bike ride. So we headed towards the river. In Knoxville they have these things called a "greenway" all over the city. Its just a paved path around the city but most of it is in the woods or away from the street. We rode our bikes 12 something miles and although I enjoyed myself, I was sore the next day because I am still tense on the bike. Hopefully I'll get better the more we ride.

And that was our awesome weekend! Very low key, but very much our style.
Anyways like I said before the MIL is coming tonight. She is going to watch Jackson for the rest of the week/weekend while we're in New Orleans for Emily's wedding. We head to Nashville tonight because we have a flight out at 8 something tomorrow morning. I can't wait for the rest of the week though! Thursday we'll get to play around the town because come Friday/Saturday I'm all booked up with bridal duties!
And I hear its going to be a normal New Orleans summer with the temps around 95 (+humidity) and some rain chances...yuck! But I can't wait!

Hope you have a great rest of the week! I'll post pics of the trip when I get back!



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nice job on the birthday cake!

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