been on an extended blog vacation!

Sorry! I haven't been back to blogging since June! Crazy how time flys. Anyways since we last spoke I had a wonderful 4 year anniversary with my husband. We went to a nice seafood restaurant and a movie. Then we had a lazy and productive weekend. Its officially the start of us not having to go anywhere and we're so excited to just hang out in our house and around Knoxville!

After our low key weekend I headed to Hilton Head, SC for a work meeting. Its such a big tease and so hard to concentrate when you see the beach right in front of you and when your bosses son and his friends are splashing in the pool, all the while you're having an important meeting about the state of your job. Wonderful! Anyways I was there for 2 days, and when I got back I had the rest of the week off, so I've been diligently working on getting be true designs up and rolling. I'm almost there! The launch date is now July 17th!!! I'm super excited, and you should be too!

This weekend we had our friends Melanie and Bradford come to visit. They are my personal photogs and I love them to death! We all went (as well as Mox & Donna) to the Smoky Mountains on Friday to go tubing down the river. Well who would have thunk it would be 75 degrees outside on July 3rd! Needless to say it was so much fun, BUT the first 2 hours we all were a bit close to hypothermia! By the 3rd hour the sun came out and warmed us up. And all and all we still had fun. (It wasn't extreme white water tubing, like I had been on before, more like a lazy river). See pics below:

after our 3 hours tubing excursion, waiting for the bus to pick us up.
me, floatin along!

me and B!

Anyways for the 4th we had everyone over again, grilled out some yummy treats and then went downtown to watch the fireworks. Very low key, but still very fun!
I think this week will be very slow. I'm starting to get back into working out and running. I realized my 10k is coming up closer than I thought! So I better get a move on it!
Hope you're well!


the harrison family said...

I remember "extreme" tubing with you guys! I thought the boys were going to die going over that waterfall. Y'alls tubing trips this time looks much more relaxing. Glad y'all had a good time!

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