The Ooohhhcoee!

This past weekend we were fortunate to get to go on a lil adventure. B's company had everyone meet in the Chattanooga area to do a little White water rafting. I had been once before, when I was a senior in high school, and when I obviously had no fear of dying! Needless to say I was very apprehensive about our trip. We were the only boat that had all 6 people that knew each other. Well sort of. It was me, B, 3 architects that B works with and plays weekly basketball league with and one of the guys mom. She was awesome, and if it wasn't for her a few times I might have gone overboard! Anyways I survived....barley. At one point our guide made us run into a massive rock to do some kind of spin maneuver. Well it didn't work. Instead we got stuck straight up in the air, so everyone on the left was in the water...I was on the left. We tried to hold on while the guide was figuring out the next move, but then, the guy in front of me fell out. And then I got knocked out, followed by the guy behind me and even the guide!!! So 4 our of our 7 boat crew were floating down river bouncing off rocks (and they do NOT feel good!). Luckily that was the only mishap of the afternoon. It was great though in the end and we'll probably do it again next year!

Preparing for the big drop, I'm doing breathing techniques so I don't panic. B is ready to attack!:

I love how even though we're all in mid air the guide "Dickie" kept yelling 'keep your rhythm, keep paddling!":

By the way, thanks for all the kind words and support for the launch of the site. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but with everyone cheering me on, it should be a breeze!


the harrison family said...

I'm so glad that you guys survived! Looks a little scary, but fun.

Caslon said...

I'm impressed you have photos of the moment! Looks both scary and fun... glad you had a good time.

Joyfulgrrl Jewelry by Kelly Hoffman said...

Hey Erin! My mom sent me your new website. Congrats! I wish you the best of luck with your new business.

Kelly (McCabe) Hoffman

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