sooooo, when is my vay-cay?

Sorry for not posting anything for a long time...this girl has been busy!
Let's recap:

1. went to OKC for a wedding. After 3 hours of driving + 5 hours worth of flying we made it! Went to lunch with the guys, hung out for a bit then went to the rehearsal/dinner. Fabulous Mexican food followed by an early bed time for me! (but not for B!)

2. woke up early Saturday morning for a run (while B and our roomie slept in)...the hotel treadmills were broken so I jogged my way to the OKC bombing memorial that was about a mile or 2 away. Very sad, somber and strange to be there early in the morning, where there was no one around but me. When I ran up there my ipod started on the Killer's song "Goodbye, travel well" and that gave me the chills. The memorial is beautiful though.

3. Did a lil weekend work and then went to the wedding. It was so fun! Amanda (the bride) picked a great color palette (pinks, lime greens + oranges) and it brightened up the room! I wish I had pictures, but our camera decided that the $2 batteries we picked up at the hotel gift shop were too lame, so we got in 1 pic before it died.

4. After the wedding, we ate, drank + danced! Those Memphis boys sure know how to break it down! And our friends Becky and Ryan's son Tyler was the hit of the party. He had an obsession with the dj's disco ball and would run up and down the dance floor to the dj and then back to his parents. He was so cute and I think he had a lot of fun! We had a lot of fun hanging out with him!

5. Sunday was spent flying back. We got picked up in Nashville and after a yummy dinner started the drive home to at 1 a.m. we got in :( and we were grumpy, tired and not ready for Monday!

6. Monday morning, I drove to Atlanta for a big work meeting that lasted ALL week! and I'm very glad its over!

7. Drove back to Knox Thursday night. Our great friends Angie and Watkins were driving through so we saw them later that night and got to hang out a bit.

8. I went to breakfast with Angie and Watkins then got ready and we started our next trip (seriously, aren't you as tired reading about all of our travels as I am travelling them!) to Memphis. It was our 10th year high school reunion. Luckily B and I both graduated at the same time from the same High school, so it worked out great!

9. Made it to Germantown just in time to go to the reunion tailgate and hang with some old friends. It was really nice to see people we knew, but to also kind of meet people we knew of or were friends with in Middle school, but didn't really hang out with in high school.

10. Saturday day I spent getting the final touches to my reunion attire and then we both hung out with our parents a bit. Then it was off to the reunion! And it was a blast! The food, drinks, music, company was awesome. I really am glad that we went. There are talks of doing a 15 year reunion because it was such a hit, and I would definitely go!

11. Sunday we did lunch with our dear friends Ashley and Joe and we got to meet their lil boy Tyler, who is a doll! Loved him, can't wait to hang out with them when they come up for a football game in November!

12. Picked up Jackson at our friends Mox and Donnas house in Nashville, got a lil dinner and then came home...luckily this time we made it home by 11:30 p.m.! Still late, but we weren't as cranky as we thought we'd be.

So there you have my past 2 weeks, in a nutshell! But I'm still not done yet! This Friday I'm going back to Nashville to take my mom to see Wicked. Can't wait, I hear its great! Then I'll be back Saturday afternoon to hang out with the tailgating crowd. Sad I'm missing the first game, but hopefully I'll make it back to tailgate some! The rest of the weekend we hope to make it out to the lake and RELAX!!! Here's hoping!



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