Catching up!

Been crazy busy since my last Jamaican post which was, what like a month ago? Jeez,I'm a slacker!
Ok here's the rundown:
-Jamaica was awesome, way to short and my tan is already gone. :(

-After the Jamaican week I flew to Baton Rouge to visit one of my BFF's Emily for the weekend and to go to the Auburn/LSU game (yuck!). She has a new house, a new job and a new husband. And they are all great! So glad I got to visit, besides the actual game I had a blast. All the girls are old married people now, and we live in 4 different states ( Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina + Tennessee---can I get a shout out for the south! whoop whoop!) Its really funny because this past year we've seen each other almost every other month with weddings, showers, bach. parties and such so hopefully we can keep that tradition alive and see each other more than once a year from now on!

-When I got back it was the 4th anniversary of my 25th birthday...B got me flowers and took me to a delicious Italian dinner and when we got home I opened my bday present: Season 1 of True Blood. We just finished the whole season yesterday and I think its safe to say we're both hooked! What is it with vampires these days? I'm a total groopy!

-That next Saturday was a rainy game day, but with our yummy catered BBQ and our tent rigging it turned out to be a great night with both Auburn and TN winning!

-Next week I went to Atlanta for a meeting and back...6 hours of driving is no fun. Especially when you stick a stressful meeting in the middle of it!

- Went to a Vols bball game with B. He proceeded to inhale a hot dog the size of his arm. They won, and it was a nice middle of the week break!

-Went to Nashville to host a Welcome Back to Mox and Donna (the lucky Jamaican wedding couple). Had a great time, the food and company were awesome! The highlights were when me, B, Mox and Donna were picked up in an 1998 limo to drive us to the party...prom 2009!!! Unfortunately the sun roof did not open so we didn't get to have as much prom fun as we wanted! But still fun. Then once we got home after the party, B and Mox decided to play "chase Jackson" and spent at least 45 mins falling all over them self's as Jackson owned them with his quick speed. It was hilarious. Poor Bobby landed on his face a couple times and totally stained up his clothes...But they did catch him once, and it was a mighty victory!

-The following week my rent's came for a visit. We had a great time hanging out especially on Saturday and watch fball (even though neither Haines' teams won) and eat some Tbones! They just left yesterday, but I'll get to see them next week for Thanksgiving!

- Oh, I almost forgot!!! B busted his ankle playing bball last week. So bad I had to take him to the doctor and he's getting an MRI today. Its not broken, but torn ligaments and maybe some bone chips floating around. Might even have to have surgery. Poor guy, I think he is more pissed off about the whole thing (since he's so high-adventure) than anything. It will get better B!!!

And I think that catches us up. For the rest of the week:
- Going to see New moon Friday morning at 12:04 am! And I am soooo excited!!
- Fball on Saturday, its the last TN home game so our last tailgating experience for the year.
- Then there's Thanksgiving in Memphis...super pumped about all the good food. Traditional Thanksgiving on Thursday, then Memphis BBQ on Friday...I plan to splurge a lil even though I'm on a diet (thanks C-line! Lost 4 lbs so far!).

Hopefully I'll be back before another month rolls by!


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