And Ode to Jackson Boo Haines

If you know us, you probably know that while we don't have any kids in the works, we do have a fur baby. And we think he is the cats meow, or I guess in this case, the dogs bark. Here are some of the cutest pics of him to date:
One of the very first pics of me. My rents had our choice between this lil guy and another. I was the smaller one and in fact my parents had to wait an extra 2 weeks because I was so little before I could make the trip to Jacksonville to come home.
My first dayday home. I did so well the first night, only whining for about 5 mins and then I was out (its because I had a stressful day flying from Indiana to Jacksonville, Iwas so worn out to care where I was!)
Super dog!
Thanksgiving day my parents thought it was a good idea to take me to the beach for the first time. I didn't like it b/c I was cold. All I would do was sit in the sand and shiver...well until the seagulls flew by, then my bird dog instinct kicked in and we chased birds all afternoon.
recovering on New Years Day...don't ask, I had a rough night.
Ready for my first UT tailgate!
My life is so exhausting!
Merry freakin Christmas...I am not amused.
Now here is my best shot!
Love you boo!
{ We're also pondering the thougt of adding another pup to the mix. We heart him so much, we think he deserves a lil brother! }


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