The best thing about February

This little gem was delivered by UPS this morning:
It made it was to my house from Picayune,MS, its the bakery that was down the street from my grandparents house forever. They make a really delicious king cake. This one was a gift from my parents (Thanks y'all!) and filled with cream cheese and strawberries. Downright sinful!
This is Jackson waiting for his piece. He freaked out when I got the box from outside, he knew deliciousness was inside!


Speaking of yummy, B and I went to a Wine Tasting class put on by the UT Young Alumni last night. It was really neat to learn how to taste wines and find what flavors each have. At one point we had a test to see what wine in front of us was our favorite and which we thought was the most expensive. Of course my favorite was the $30 bottle and B's was the $10 bottle...guess I just have better (and expensive) taste!

( left - old cafeteria, right - new restaurant )

We have reservations tonight at the S&W Grand. Its an awesome old cafeteria that was in Knoxville way back in the 1930's -80's, it was closed and some people restored the entire thing and have made it into a really nice restaurant (or so we hear, I'll let you know how it goes). After that we're just coming home to watch our Netflix movie.

Tomorrow I have my spa day (my Christmas present from B). I tried to have the day last Saturday, but the massage therapist had food poisoning. Suck! So I'll have that in the morning, then we might try to hit up a matinee movie and lunch downtown. And then TN bball tomorrow night.

I'm very fortunate to have just gotten 3 really good clients this week, so I'm going to make sure I finish up all their designs by the weekends end. And hopefully will get a chance to work on my own designs for my photo shoot with La Dolce Vita Studio in March! Super excited! Not just because I'm going to get some awesome shots of my work BUT we get to see our favorite friends Brad and Melanie in Jacksonville! Can't wait!

Anyways I hope you have a very Happy Valentine's weekend!



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