Life Update...

Pretty interesting week. Nothing too noticeable...oh well except my company is not doing so hot and because of that lay offs have been abound. Great friends who have put their blood, sweat and tears into this company are now gone and I am still here. I will miss them dearly and feel conflicted because I don't know how deserving I am to still have this job. And with that point, I really don't know how long I will be "still here", but right now that's where I am.

So with the thought of my unknown future looming I have made a big push to get be true designs up and running hard core. We are officially a business. Have all the paperwork and lack of money in the bank to prove it! I have been talking extensively to my business guru's in Jacksonville (aka Mel + B-Rad) for ideas, thoughts, advice. I have a clear plan in my head, its just a matter of getting that plan executed with money and time.

Some things that are changing or being newly formed is my new blog. I will unveil it next month to you, but I have already planned to have DAILY (you read that right) daily posts on all sorts of items: life events, my designs, other designs, design inspirations, growing the business, random musings...etc. Also in the works is launching an online store. So clients from all over can purchase already designed products OR contact me to create something unique!

We are going to Jacksonville next week to visit the business guru's, not for business, but for fun b/c we love them. But while we are there in the midst of catching up with our old friends, kayaking in the intercoastal and eating dinners at the beach I plan to have a photo shoot of some of my work. My brand is going to change and I feel this is what I need to make that sophisticated and "real business" look. Oh and I'll have 2 amazing photogs around me, so why not!

So that's your update. I can't wait to have everything that I'm planning to come into fruition and to launch it all (should be around April 1st!).

Besides work consuming my life, there isn't too much else going on. Plan to spend another weekend doing nothing except cleaning, watching UT bball, and maybe if the weather gets warmer go to the park again (Jackson definitely has cabin fever!).

I hope you have a fab weekend!


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