Menu Monday...returns!

This weekend was perfection. It was jam packed with so much laziness it was ridiculous. B and I stayed in Friday night because of the nasty winter storm, watched a rental and went to bed early. Saturday afternoon we wanted to veture out and we went to the Creamery in Fountain City. Its a delicious diner atmosphere with the yummiest sandwiches and milkshakes ever! B and I had a great lunch and some good quality time as the snow fell all day! Saturday night was Star Trek (I know I know...but it was B's turn for a movie pick from netflix), dinner and some yummy wine (like we needed to relax anymore!)

Sunday our sunday school and church service was cancelled so we slept in and then got up and went to a TN vs. bball game! Thankfully they won, so it was a great afternoon. Then I did a P90X workout with B. Not looking forward to how sore I am going to be, but glad I did it!

So with that being said I'm stepping up my blogging game and going to write out some of the eats I'm making this week for "Menu Monday":

Monday - Turkey Meatballs with Quick And Spicy Tomato Sauce and Whole-Wheat Spaghetti

Tuesday - Red Beans and Rice (IF I can get a ham bone from honey baked ham by then!)

Wednesday - Spicy Shredded Beef

Thursday - Grilled Chicken on Salad

Friday - Corn Flake Chicken Nuggets + Baked Fries

On the deck for this week:

Potential trip to Atlanta for work meeting

Working out with more P90X!

500 Days of Summer movie on Friday night in

My Christmas massage, mani + pedi on Saturday morning!!

UT Alumni tailgate and bball game Saturday afternoon

Superbowl Party @ B's coworkers house...and I STILL have not officially decided who I am rooting for.

The back story is this: I was born in New Orleans, as was my dad. So I was born and raised a Saints fan. I remember wearing a black Saints sweatshirt to middle school a lot and thinking I was so cool....someone should have told me the 'Aints we'ren't all that back then. I never really had any other team I cared about until I went to college. I always, always, always liked Peyton Manning and b/c of that the Colts have grown into my team. I know them all and have always rooted for them. Peyton and his boys even helped me to my Fantasy Football victory this year. So there is my dilemma. Root for the team I've always known or the team I'll always love....hmmm, it might be a game time decision.

(BTW - my bff is going to the game with her cajun husband and friends...I won't even tell you how much her tix cost...Whatever you think it is, double it! ha!)

Have a great week!



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