Save Swoozie's

As you may or may not know, My 'day job' is to be the head designer for Swoozie's, the huge retail gift store. If you have read my posts in the past you probably know that I've been trying to start my own business so I could kind of ween myself off of Swoozie's. Well funny how God works, because the time has come where Swoozie's is about to close its doors forever because of bankruptcy.

I have been with Swoozie's about 6 years. These were the years that I have graduated college, moved to the city, got married, move to another city, etc...These are pretty important years in a girls life and to be able to work for a company for the entire time has been a blessing, whether I knew it or not.

I was reflecting last night as I was working to send our president's letter to over 100,000 people on our customer list. It will be really weird to not have Swoozie's in my life. My husband can attest that I had a love/hate relationship with the company. But through all that the purpose of the company was always clear: a place to celebrate events in peoples lives. I think since I've moved away from the stores and in my own box (working from home) I forget how many happy lives came into the stores I worked at ( times over 43 locations nationwide!) to celebrate something that was happening to them.

While I know God is in control, it is hard to realize that by Friday I could be unemployed and have to start over. Its also hard to realize that in His timing everything will work out for the 350+ women and men that currently work for Swoozie's. I did find comfort this morning when I received an email devotion today with the title 'Waiting on God', and it was all about patience with God and how to not digress in prayer requests, that He will answer them in His time. That God is not tired of hearing out prayers, instead He is simply waiting for the perfect time to answer. Maybe this is my answer to prayers to start my own company and design for myself, or maybe this is just the next step to greater things to make an impact for Him. I have faith that whatever it is God will be there and let me know in His time.

If you have the time and have been influenced by Swoozie's in any way, could you please email or join the 'Save Swoozie's' facebook group by clicking here.

I don't know if there is enough time to actually save Swoozie's from the impending auction tomorrow BUT I know that as I read some of the emails its comforting to know that I have had a part in each of those lives because I have been with Swoozie's. Oh, and prayers help too!



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