Time to get organized!

I have been in such a funk pretty much the whole month of January. I don't know if its because I've probably only seen the sun once or twice this month and I'm starting to contract SAD or if things are just getting overwhelming. Either way I had an epiphany last week. I need to get organized. I need to set goals and achieve them. I don't need to let the 'fear' of what I need to do get in the way. So I spent maybe a day and a half trying to figure out the best way for me to achieve this. Normally I have a huge notebook that is maxed out with things I need to do. Its pretty daunting to keep marking things off and it seems like it never changes. It never gets smaller. Its an animal that only keeps growing.

So I starting reading the Making Things Happen blog, Millie Holloman's Get It Together book and figured out what works best for me to actually get my work done efficiently and effectively. Here it is, plain and simple. 2 lists.

The Momma list:
The 'master list' that is split into sections: Things to Do, Be True Designs, B.Creative Company, Twist Designs, and the other two sections are left open for any additional big projects I'm working on. Like this week its Senior Grad Templates and Knoxville Womens Expo. Each section has listed everything that I need complete in priority order. The goal is to refresh this list every Monday morning.

The Baby list:
This is a small post it. It holds no more than 8 line items. That is the max amount of 'to do's' I'm giving myself in a day. That way it is not overwhelming to look at or to achieve. The goal here is to refresh this list every evening, for the work that is to be done for the next day. So when I come in, list is ready and I can just get straight to work. If I finish everything on my baby list in one day, hooray for me! Then I'll just add more items from my 'momma' list.

Make sense?

I'm excited about it and I have already accomplished so much just from sitting down and organizing my time. How do you stay organized and get everything done on your to do lists?


Carlee said...

There is something so daunting about the "beginning of a new year" {duh dum dummmm}, but I am pumped about your organization scheme. You've GOT THIS! I am so excited to see the direction you take and hear about all of the awesome projects you are working on. Yay Erin!

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