Return to Sender....2012 Postage Rates!

Just when you think you've gotten all your invitations ordered and your budget has been finalized you realize that, 'oh no, now I have to pay $450 for postage!' Postage for invitations is usually overlooked when you plan your budget, so be sure to stay in the know! This is key especially if you have a very thick invitation, and odd size (like a square) or even if you're sending out postcards for RSVP's. Be aware of all these things.

 As of Saturday, the US Postage Service just raised postage rates on most of their services, including regular mail for regular envelopes. So to help you (and maybe save a little trip to the post), I made a little cheat sheet :

 Some clients of mine have ordered a sample of their entire suite to take to the post office to confirm how much mailing will actually cost, which is probably wise. Just be sure you have postage in mind when you're either setting budgets or designing an out of the box invitation suite!

{ image from my personal collection }


abby said...

cutest cheat sheet ever!

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