Custom Shower Gifts!

Of course I'm always a huge fan of doing a personalized gift for friends, so when my friend Shelby was having her shower for her little boy Porter I couldn't resist making something extra special! I created a custom gift bucket! 

I personalized a galvanized bucket with his name and the same artwork that was on his 'thank you's' and matched his room. Then I filled it to the brim with every day mommy needs (diapers, boogie wipes, shampoo, etc.) and personalized goodies like thank you notes, onesies, tshirts and a bib!

 The best part about it all is that the bucket is something Porter can keep in his room to store all his toys! 

If you would be interested in a personalized gift bucket or any other personalized item (onesies, tshirts, bibs, etc.) email me at for more info!


Sampsons said...

I love Chase's bucket from his "sip n sea". It is a perfect spot for all of his toys! I am interested in another one for his room for all of his stuffed animals. xoxoxo

hadleybinion said...

LOVE this! I'll definitely keep this in mind in the future!!

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