A Week in Review...

I'm finally back from our weeklong vacation and although I do feel refreshed, I'm not quite ready to be land locked and away from sea breezes just yet. We had a great time though, even though the weather was a constant struggle. Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun, Clouds, Rain, Sun, Clouds, Clouds, Sun! Mother Nature was being very moody and even though a storm rolling in from the sea is a beautiful and magnificent thing, I was tired of it by day 3. I didn't take too many pictures, but was able to snap a few iphone shots of the day to day:
While packing I started to notice a trend....coral & stripes must be my go to these days!

Books were packed to the top of the beach bag, but this trip we spent less time with our noses in them and more time taking naps in the sand and playing in the waves when we could.

Day one when we arrived to our condo. The sun was setting and the sea was bright blue!



One particular rainy day was spent at the spa with a massage and pedicure while the rains came down and topped off with a day time nap when I returned to our condo.

What we lacked in sun we made up for in yummy food. Our favorite is the Great Southern Cafe in Seaside, grits a ya ya are to die for! The husband even tried some 'Gator Ribs' one afternoon.

One of my all time favorite spots in Seaside is in front of the small Post Office in the center of town. It's so quaint and whimsical.

Another spot we hit was the food trucks! I mean people, they have a food truck for grilled cheeses. They should really rename it Erin-side, Florida.

One of our nights out on the 'tiny' town! 

 When we got home, Knoxville was in some kind of time warp and it felt like it was already fall! After unpacking and getting settled back in, we took a perfect Sunday evening drive through town in the husband's 1965 Chevy truck. Windows down of course!


Mary Louis Quinn said...

Glad y'all had fun despite the weather! John loves to walk to Great Southern for oysters at happy hour!

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