Emily and Jason's Kitchen Shower

So last weekend, excuse me, two weekends ago (man time is flying!) B and I went to Hot-lanta, to host a Couples Kitchen shower. We had a blast! I posted yesterday the invitation, but here is a pic of the cookbook I made for them. I had everyone who was invited (including Emily's sister and mother) send in their favorite recipes to add to this cookbook. While the cover of the book got a little rough for the wear on the way, it was still a sweet sentiment and something Emily and Jason will hopefully use. Then again, the last time Emily tried to cook on her own, she set her kitchen on fire...so maybe they will cook together, for safetys sake!above is the outside of the book, and below are some samples of the recipe pages:
another cute touch, Megan (one of the other hosts) printed out wine labels with pics of the couple and elements of the invitation:
Here's a pic of the lovely couple:

here's another...Jason got really excited for the Arthur Court Chip and Dip...well not really! But he did enjoy the task of making sure none of the bows got broken!! :)

So I have a few things up my sleeve for the Girls Weekend at the end of the month...I'll let you know how that goes later!


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