Vote for me!

So after some much needed push from a great friend at work (and an awesome designer I might add!) I posted some designs on Minted is a online retailer of some the best invitation designs ever! Anyways, every month or so they hold a design challenge, where 3 different scenario's are presented and you design accordingly. So I did two designs so far, and I have 3 more that I'm going to finish before the voting starts. Oh yea, you vote. And oh yea, the winners make some $$. So vote for me! :) I like money, who doesn't? Anyways I'll let you know when you can vote. I think it will start next week, right now all you can do it critique the submitted designs. Be nice!


savannah redtop said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them!!!!!!!!! Great job - I knew you would do good!!!!!

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