This weekend...

We're going here { Samford Hall....aka Auburn University }:
We're going to be staying here { Heart o Auburn } used to be able to be rented for the hour for a suite with a red heart shaped jacuzzi...but its been upgraded since then...hopefully!

I'm dying to eat here { Niffer's in Auburn } the best corn nuggets, burgers and fishbowl you can find! (fishbowl = a fish bowl filled with many potent cocktails and comes with many straws to share)
Plan to partake in this { Tiger Walk } where you line up as the players/coaches walk down to the stadium, a very cool tradition that ALWAYS gives me goose bumps!
And the best part is we're going to be here { Jordan-Hare Stadium } as we watch my Tigers take on West Virginia. It's a night game, and I am pumped!
If we win, we'll then hit up here {Toomer's Corner } to roll the trees and celebrate with everyone! Let's hope we win!
The other best part? I get to hang out with my old roomies! Emily, me, Heather + Caroline, shown here at the Supper Club on the Shot bus...good times are about to be had!
I'll be back Monday! Happy weekend everyone!
PS- I didnt mean to freak anyone out about my facebook post about how I hate hospitals (which I do!). I just had to go to the hospital by orders of the doctor to get a lump in my leg (actually its in my inner thigh) checked out. As of now they don't think its a big deal, maybe a swollen lymph node or fatty tissue, so no worries until they tell me otherwise!


Sarah said...

I have a lump on my inner thigh too!

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